Sinkhole Awareness and Protection

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An environmental issue in Marion County is the sinkholes we get in our community.  Some people who have to evacuate their homes because of sinkholes won't be able to return to their homes for two or three months because of the danger the sinkhole poses.  A sinkhole is a depression or hole in the ground caused by some form of a collapse of the surface layer.  Florida (Marion County) has a lot of limestone underneath it o when it rains, it becomes brittle and the abundance of lakes in Florida does not help.  All of the water wares on the Earth and ultimately collapses (sinkhole).  Florida has the highest occurrence of sinkhole activity than any other state, according to the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation and Marion County is affected with a lot of sinkholes Foundation Services of Central Florida performs compaction grouting on 100 to 125 jobs per year within a 100-mile radius of Ocala.  Numerous sinkholes have cost families thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars in remediations of their home.  Sinkholes also pose threats to peoples lives and can kill someone if it collapses when a person is above it.  Filling in sinkholes has cost Florida so much money.  To prevent the costs of the damages of sinkholes we need to stop building on marshy land before the round collapses.  We also need to put stronger material underground and in the topmost part of our Aquaphor's so the ground does not collapse as easily.