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Justice For Faline

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In December 19, 2016 the Dodge City Sheriff's office and the Dodge City Game Warden came to the Mc Gaughey residence to present Mrs. McGaughey with a felony ticket for having a wild animal as a pet. 

This pet was a deer named Faline. The family had cared for and loved this docile creature. Faline was part of the family and liked being with the children and other animals on the farm. 


Faline was was not confined to the home and would come and go as she pleases. However, Dodge City thought of her as an illegal pet that they were concerned would spread disease to humans and other animals. 

Taryn McGoughey stated that Faline was very healthy and never shown signs of sickness. 

Now, not only did the family get a felony ticket but they immediately States Faline must be shot and killed. They then followed Faline around, shooting her once in the leg and FOUR TIMES in the back. 

Dodge City allegedly took Faline once deceased to the local Police Department to "show her off and brag about what they did"

Here are the questions I have for government officials:

-Why wasn't the McGoughey family given previous warning about the law being broken

- Did Dodge City allow the family time to obtain a permit to keep Faline, opportunity to relocate her to a sanctuary or to be HUMANELY put down by a veterinarian. 

- Do Dodge City sheriffs dept and the Game Warden need a refresher course on how to hit their target. They stated Faline would be shot once in the head but somehow was shot FIVE TIMES. 

- since Dodge City was concerned for the spread of disease, why didn't they perform a necropsy rather than leaving her body to coyotes. 

Outcomes we seek

-an immediate investigation into the way the McGoughey family was treated by Dodge City

- review existing laws pertaining to wild animal pets and permits. 

- charges to be dropped against Mrs. McGoughey

- an investigation of animal cruelty for shooting Faline FIVE TIMES. 

Please sign this petition and contact the Governor of Kansas, Sam Brownsack and the Attorney General, Derek Schmidt. 

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