WAPOL immediately stop Section 8 dismissal for injured/medically unfit Police Officers.

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Section 8 of the Police Act was originally designed to address Misconduct or Loss of Confidence by the Police Commissioner for sworn Police Officers - in other words it was designed to get rid of corrupt Police or officers that had committed criminal offences. 

However, we now find that Section 8 Notices have been used over many years to dismiss Police Officers who have been injured in the line of duty, or unable to work due to PTSD stress disorders caused by the job.

This is not acceptable and has led to loss of income, homes, families and often lives of hundreds of Police Officers negatively impacted by their work environment. As such, we the undersigned request the Police Commissioner immediately cease using a Section 8 Notice to dismiss injured/medically unfit Police Officers, effectively leaving them without income or support as a result of their work related medical issues.

WAPOL is the only State Police Service that does not provide Workers Compensation to Officers in their times of greatest need.  As such, we also request the Police Commissioner, the Police Union and the State Government take immediate steps to provide a Redress Scheme for Officers already dismissed and to obtain full Workers Compensation for all future cases of current serving Police Officers in Western Australia.