Increased funding for mental health services in Herefordshire

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  • Getting increased funding for mental health services in Herefordshire would benefit the community greatly.
  • I have been in a psychiatric unit for the last year due to the inability for the county to cope with children and adult mental health support. They do not have the resources needed to help the thousands of people who need support and treatment for their mental health issues. They are more willing to dispense medication to anyone then to try and help. When questioned about the lack of care being given to myself by my family members. The psychiatric consultant at the time said 'What do you want me to do.' This is appalling and if the county had more funding they could hire more staff, Enroll on more courses and have the ability to effectively treat and help anyone who needs the care from these establishments.
  • This is the reason I want this more than anything, to stop anyone else and their families for going through the same hell as me and my family have done. This is going overlooked for to long, what has to happen for people to wake up and realise this is destroying thousands of people's lives. 
  • With this funding we can work on the recognition and prevention of crisis and long term problems in the population
  • If we get this extra funding or for the MP's and other parliament members to realise this is such an important issue in our society. It will be there for when you, or your family needs it in the future.

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