Human rights in Palestine.

Human rights in Palestine.

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Jerusalem is falling ve

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Shaikh Jarrah and Jrusalem.

Jerusalem is falling..

Based on the occupiers’ claims, they insist on converting Jerusalem to a Jewish holy city in reference to their Torah. However, what’s happening on real grounds, and recently in the Sheikh Jarrah area, has nothing to do with the teachings of Judaism. The world powers are aware of the occupiers’ illegal moves against the people of Jerusalem and Sheikh Jarrah and are silently supporting them.
It is important to note that the people of Sheikh Jarrah are resisting, but the elders are being threatened and the young people are getting arrested. Within a month, the IOF arrested around 220 from the area and other suburbs of Jerusalem, including women and children. Even after Amnesty International declared the occupying entity an apartheid state, still the occupiers have not cared to stop or reconsider. On February 5, they arrested 3 men, Yazan al-Husseini, Mohammad Haj Mahmoud and Ramadan Haj Mahmoud. They also submitted eviction notifications to tens of families who are now forced to demolish their homes by March 1, 2022.
The facts about the unfortunate forthcoming destiny of Jerusalem and Sheikh Jarrah are mentioned in the two interviews I, an anonymous Palestinian, separately had with a Jerusalemite novelist and journalist.

The first interview was with the novelist, Issa Issa Qawasmi, whose observation of the crisis verifies to what extent and at whose account are the ongoing holy acts being committed to fulfill the Zionist agenda:
“The Old City of Jerusalem is divided into two parts, inside the walls, which is only 1 km2 and outside the walls, where the problems have been taking place and still are.
To the south of Old Jerusalem are Silwan, al-Thuri, Sawahera and Jabel Mukaber; to the east are al-Souaneh, Jabel al-Zeitoun and Jabel al Masharef, where the Hebrew University exists. All of these places have been occupied and the locals have either been evicted, are living under the unjust occupation law known as ‘protected tenants’ or are living under harsh conditions. It is important to note that the locals who are living under the protected tenant law are not actually protected. They are paying the rent to the occupiers after looting the houses that they once owned, and at anytime the looters decide to evict them, they can simply do that.
As for the northern part of Old Jerusalem are Sheikh Jarrah, Karm al-Mufti and Kabbaniyet Um Haron. The part that the occupiers haven’t yet fully occupied, and many families are threatened to be evicted as what has recently happened to the family of Mahmoud Salhieh on January 19, 2022.
Sheikh Jarrah consists of the Kubbaniyet Um Haron and the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhoods, and both lie in the Karm al-Jaouni district. The latter neighborhood was dwelled by 28 families after the 1948 Nakba who were thrown out of their previous homes, such as al-Kurds who are originally from Haifa, including the Salhiehs, who were previously evicted from their homes in Ein Karem. When they came as refugees to the Jordanian annexed zone, UNRWA bought this piece of land from the Jordanian government in exchange that the displaced people no longer remain refugees. In an area above these 2 neighborhoods is Karam al-Mufti, where Haj Amin al-Husseini’s palace once resided before it was converted to Shepherd Hotel. The Zionists preserved the converted hotel but demolished the Arab Graduate Club and other facilities that were behind it and replaced them with illegal settlements. Recently, the Salhieh’s properties, the house, plant nursery and a car show establishment have been entirely destructed because they were located in a strategic area, opposite to the British Consulate and Haj Amin al-Husseini’s palace.
What are the bigger plans behind such holy acts?
After managing to take what they wanted from Karm al-Mufti and are planning to do likewise at the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, their next step would be to demolish the industrial zone in Wadi al-Jooz that would put a lot of people out of jobs, uncaring what would happen to them for the purpose of constructing a high-tech Jewish zone and name it the Silicon Valley.
Furthermore, in Jerusalem there is a truce line named Street 1 that extends from Bab al-Amud to the end of Sheikh Jarrah. This line is between the West and East Jerusalem, and on this line are the most important establishments, which are the American Colony, Al-Dar Hotel, the Bishop School, Saint Joseph Cathedral, the YMCA, the British Library and 3 Jewish Hotels. Therefore, they want to merge East and West Jerusalem into a unified Jewish Jerusalem to accomplish the biggest dream, the eternal capital city of Israel, Jerusalem.”

The second interview was with the journalist Zaina Halawani, who was arrested last June for covering the incidents in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood:
“The western quarter of Sheikh Jarrah is only a few meters from the homes of the Kurd and Hammad families, and some others who won world opinion. However, there are families facing the risk of evacuation and are not heard of like the Kurds because they fear to express their opinions and experiences on the social media. On their behalf, I would mention the Salem family, one of the many whose situations are alike, who have received from the occupation court a notification to evacuate their home on March 1. And as what happened to the Salhieh family, if they refuse to evacuate, they will be removed by force.
As usual, when families are being threatened to abandon their homes, the settlers do not waste time harassing them and falsely accusing them just to cause them more pain. A few days ago a settler lied to the IOF about being attacked by a child, and without any interrogation, he is now in house arrest and is only allowed to go to school accompanied by his father.”

The purposes of this plea are to place your voice on their behalf by pressuring the humanitarian organizations to help in defending the rights of the Sheikh Jarrah people, who within 3 weeks will become homeless, and to put an end to the holy occupation of Jerusalem before the occupiers succeed in turning it to a high-tech city, and down falls Jerusalem.

An anonymous Palestinian.!

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