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Road Repair and Repavement Neded for Residents @ West Side Community in Jersey City

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Dear West Side Community Residents:

I am a current resident at the West Side Station Lofts in Jersey City and I am here to ask for your support in signing this petition to getting our road repaved on Claremont Avenue (See item 2 in the picture) between 440 and Mallory Avenue. The petition is to bring about awareness and request to bring road improvement and safety for West Side community residents and other Jersey City residents. 

As you all are aware, Claremont Avenue (See item 2 in the picture) is a very high traffic area with cars, Semi-trucks, and other sports utility vehicles because it provides access to a major highway- 440. Currently, our street is in very poor condition and needs to be repaired. The pot holes are growing deeper and bigger whenever it rains and the water stagnates. The roads are filled with small gravels and sand which also results in skidding of bikes. The road condition as it is in could cause flat tires, rim and axle damage to our vehicles. This could result in a major accident for vehicles and/or pedestrians.

To illustrate my point in how poor the road condition is, I have attached a small video link below on of someone driving on this road (see reference location item 2 of the picture where the video was taken).

This petition is to bring about awareness and change to our West Side community. We currently pay high property taxes in Hudson county and asking Jersey City to take action. Once we have enough signatures and awareness, I believe we can get this accomplished. With all of your support, we can create a safer neighborhood with reliable roads for our cars and family.

I will be going around our neighborhood asking residents in the other townhomes and lofts to signing this petition so we may bring about change. So, please help us get our road improved by signing this petition.



Resident @ WestSide Station lofts

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