Oppose Jersey City’s new short-term rental ordinance

Oppose Jersey City’s new short-term rental ordinance

May 4, 2019
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Why this petition matters

Jersey City is considering a new ordinance (19-045) that would eliminate Airbnb-hosting businesses, along with the jobs, revenue, and community benefits that come with them.  

As a result of the new ordinance, 100’s of Airbnb hosts and local business owners are pleading with the mayor and city council members to work with them to delay and amend the proposed ordinance.

What this ordinance does:

  • It reverses the 2015 ordinance that made Airbnb legal in Jersey City.
  • It hurts local residents by eliminating jobs and costs Jersey City $4 million in tax revenue (our taxes will go up)
  • It hurts local small businesses (restaurants, shops and hosts) which count on $111 million in annual revenue from visitors.
  • It helps NYC hotels who will benefit from the revenue that Jersey City loses!

Learn more about the ordinance here https://www.jcforairbnb.com/

Sign the petition to ask the City Council to:

- Reject the current draft ordinance which victimizes all hosts and will cost Jersey City tax revenues and jobs.

- Engage the people most likely to be impacted by the ordinance (including residents, hosts and small business owners).

- Create a sensible piece of legislation that truly addresses everyone’s concerns and is enforceable.

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Signatures: 491Next Goal: 500
Support now