Tell REI CEO Jerry Stritzke to stop selling brands owned by Vista Outdoor.

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Congrats! We made progress.

REI listened to your call for action and responded. Yesterday, the company announced that it would "place a hold on future orders of products that Vista sells through REI while we assess how Vista proceeds." I've attached the full statement. High fives. That's a win. But don't get complacent. It'll be necessary in the coming weeks and months to monitor REI, make sure they are good for their word and are truly dropping products owned by arms-dealing, NRA-supporting, public lands-privatizing Vista Outdoor. So, take a moment to appreciate the accomplishment. But know that we'll need to keep the pressure on REI and expand it to other retailers too. Who's next to drop Vista Outdoor's brands? Eastern Mountain Sports? Target? L.L. Bean? Wal-Mart? Amazon? Your local bike shop? And while we're at it, let's tell these influential retailers that we want them to join the fight for sane gun control laws. Tell Congress to pass laws to get military-grade weapons off the shelves of our neighborhood sporting goods stores and out of the hands of the people who should never have access to them.

Aaron Naparstek
4 years ago