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Do Not Perform With Roger Waters

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Roger Waters is a staunch advocate of boycotts against Israel, and he has continuously disparaged, degraded, and slandered both Jews and Israel in furtherance of his cause. It is time that educated Jewish celebrities such as you abandon complacency, and begin to speak up.

Over the last few years, Mr. Waters has increased his antagonism and outright hostility toward both Israel and global Jewry. He has continued to support a divestment movement that echoes the Nuremberg Laws by selectively boycotting Israeli-made (read: Jewish) products, and his selective use of facts – or his wanton creation of them – has perpetuated the historical lies that have haunted Jews for thousands of years.

Too many of Mr. Waters' malicious charges go unnoticed or unchallenged in the mainstream media, leaving the false impression that they are at most true, or, at the very least, condoned. Now, with global anti-Semitism at levels unseen since the fall of the Third Reich, Jewish public figures need to display the conviction and fortitude necessary to address and rebuke these mendacious claims

Sharing a bill with Mr. Waters sends a chilling message to Israelis, Jews, and the world at large that the one Jewish State can be minimized, ostracized and, according to Mr. Waters’ BDS brethren, undone.  It is bad enough that a stage has been provided for him; it is infinitely worse that Jews would help him fill the seats. 

Jews should be acutely sensitive to the repercussions of remaining silent, particularly in response to modern day blood libels.  Therefore, as Mr. Waters and his ilk have managed to successfully convince several artists to boycott Israel, we call on Messrs. Seinfeld and Stewart to refuse to perform with Mr. Waters.  We truly believe that a refusal to be associated with him is not only an appropriate response, but will also be a loud voice of dissent against his venomous attacks and bigoted cause.  

We appreciate your consideration, and sincerely hope that you will echo the spirit of the event by “Stand(ing) up for Heroes” or, in this case, becoming heroes yourselves!

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