Teaching sexual education to homeschooled individuals should be required

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My best friend grew up homeschooled. She was never taught what a period was, and she had to go through that uncomfortable, scary experience without any knowledge as to what was happening to her body. She also had to figure out about contraceptives on her own. Women should have the basic human right to know about their own bodies and how to have control of them. Conservative parents who have no rules regulating them from restricting this information have violated this right. They have deprived their child of the ability to take charge of their own bodies and their futures. The more control women have over their future the more likely they are to succeed in life. Pregnancy is one of the biggest obstacles that may impact a woman's career. We need to let women know early on about their bodies so they can deter any obstacles that they may face. We should also make it very clear to men what their role in reproduction is and how to avoid unwanted pregnancies. Teenage pregnancy can be unhealthy for mothers who are not fully developed and their babies. We should be giving these kids the best chance that they have in life by teaching them about the little things they can do to prevent having to go through some big obstacles that should come later, rather than sooner, in their life. That is why we should require homeschooling parents to teach their kids about reproduction in fifth grade and sexual education in eighth grade.