Ask KS Elected Officials to Call on Indian Government

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Currently, in India there are protests taking place because the government is essentially placing bills that will hurt small farmers. It brings big corporations into the picture and this will result in the exploitation because big corporations will buy crops at low prices. The farmers fear losing the MSP (Minimum Support Price) that will crush their ability to survive as farming will no longer be profitable. There are several states around India that are protesting but the state that is most heavily affected is Punjab. These protests taking place are the largest in human history and there is no media coverage over. The government has responded to the peaceful protestors with tear gas, water cannons, and brutality all violating human rights in the "world's biggest democracy." There have been several rallies outside of India because

1) international attention and coverage applies pressure on the indian government and lets them know foreign countries see the injustices
2) while being U.S. citizens, we are also global citizens 
3) we let the farmers know we stand with them

Our families fear losing their livelihoods and with the current injustices taking place, the Kansas community wants our elected government officials to call on India so our voices can be heard!