Replace Jason Garrett Now

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It is now abundantly clear that Jason Garrett has lost this team.   The loss to the Bears and images of Jason Witten yelling at many of the coaching staff including Garrett is all the evidence anyone should need that the players are no longer listening nor motivated by this coaching staff.  

As fans, we understand that there is still a theoretical chance that the Cowboys can win the division and do something in the playoffs, but the more likely scenario (even if the do win the division) is that this uninspired team will lose in the first round to either the Niners or the Seahawks.  

We the fans believe that there is a far greater chance to do something in the playoffs if you sent a message to the team that there is no longer a place for mediocrity in the Cowboys organization.   Fire Jason Garrett, promote an interim coach, give the team a new, inspired voice in the locker and see what happens.  What have you got to lose in an already lost season? Winning the division means nothing.   This team needs to get back to a win it all or don’t bother type of attitude that has been largely missing in the last 15 years.