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Jerry Jones Needs To Resign As General Manager of The Dallas Cowboys

Jerry Jones has owned the Dallas Cowboys since 1989. Since 1994 he has been the General Manager of the Dallas Cowboys and primarily responsible for all personnel decisions.Prior to 1994 Jimmy Johnson had it in his contract that he (Jimmy Johnson) had final say on all personnel matters.

It has become clear to the Dallas Cowboys fan base that it is in the best interest of the Dallas Cowboys that Jerry Jones resign as General Manager of the Dallas Cowboys and remove himself from day to day personnel responsibilities.

Why should Jerry Jones resign as General Manager? Jerry Jones has too many responsiiblities to be able to properly handle the GM duties. Along with player personnel decisions Jerry is also responsible for all Dallas Cowboys business operations (revenue streams, sponsorships, merchandising, ticket sales, etc) and all of Dallas Cowboys Stadium business operations (events, ticket sales, sponsorships, etc) . This is clearly too many responsibilities for 1 executive.

While some may argue that Jerry Jones is not qualified to be GM because he is not a "football" man, I would argue that it is in the best interest of The Dallas Cowboys to have a "true" General Manager in the positon, one who appropriately manages the role by putting in place the most qualified people to handle each aspect of the position such as college scouting, pro scouting, contract negotiation, salary cap analysis and roster construction. Most importantly the job requires someone who is willing to commit to it FULL TIME and not split his time with 2 other demanding executive roles.

Jerry Jones, we ask you to do the right thing for the community institution that is The Dallas Cowboys and their fans and resign as General Manager, remove yourself from day to day football operations and hire a true General Manager one who will give his full effort to the role.

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