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BARC kills pets that others offer to save. You can stop the madness!

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There are now over 200 Open Admission shelters and animal control facilities who are No Kill i.e. saving 90% to 99% of all animals.  Yet, BARC still implements ridiculous rules which are costing adoptable pets their lives.  In fact, BARC killed or lost 12,596 pets in 2013 alone; a save rate of only 49%.   

One of the ludicrous and horrendous rules BARC enforces is refusing offers of foster care depending on where the offerer lives, and refusing offers of adoption based on the pet's age.  This is despite that fact, that state laws allow adopters to sign adoption contracts requiring them to spay/neuter pets when they are old enough.

Fox news reported on BARC's ridiculous rules and the horrific results such as killing pets that multiple citizens offered to save, in 2012. See the story here:

Yet, the very same ludicrous and deadly rules are still in existence today.  BARC refused offers of foster care and adoption of the kitten in this photo while, at the very same time, claiming that they were overwhelmed with cats and kittens.    Read more about it here:

This preposterous rule, and others like it at BARC, are NOT designed to get pets out of BARC alive and that is a major reason why BARC has a 51% KILL rate. 

BARC could have a save rate of 90% and more, IF, and only IF, it had the right leadership.  BARC's problem has been, and still is, that it does not have hard working leadership who is dedicated to saving lives. 

We citizens and VOTERS are asking you to stop the madness and end the shelter killing at BARC.  The way that you can do that is to hire a director for BARC who is willing to work hard to save all lives.   Other communities have ended shelter killing and so can Houston.  But, the current attitude of "save a few and kill the rest" attitude simply is not good enough. 


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