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Remove Modified PE teacher from WHS

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Migraines are something that have affected me throughout my High School Career, especially my senior year, which is when they have become the worse. I went to my doctor who recommended that I be removed from gym completely and recommended that my gym should be replaced for an open period or anything else that would benefit academically. Last year I was hospitalized for mental illness which included my anxiety and depression, as well as self esteem issues with my body. My junior year Mr. Tieri has told me "I didn't look fit enough to be a varsity athlete" after I told him I wanted to do rehab for my hip which I sublaxed in order to be ready for softball which was coming up in spring and that really put me down because I then began to think I was fat and out of shape. Now, my senior year, I have once again been placed in his gym class for spraining my ankle and fracturing my foot. During this period in which I was placed in his class, he had told me that, "My sprain and fracture is something that isn't possible and a doctor would never tell me that." He had made me terrified to show up to his class because any time I would try to talk to him he would interupt me and make me feel incompetent. I've never had an issue with a teacher within my 4 years of High School, and he is the first teacher who has been so rude to me to the point of where I'd rather be home schooled than show up to his class. I want to like Mr. Tieri because I have heard he can be nice if you get to know him, but I literally can't get to know him because everytime I try to talk to him he interrupts me or just does not want to hear anything I have to say. I told him that I've been trying to drop his class and he told me that "If I don't drop his class, he will fail me." And when I tried to drop his class he also told me that "It's the nurses job to drop me and not my counselor's job." So he wouldn't allow me to go talk to my counselor about my hopeful schedule change, and instead sent me to the nurse, who later decided to tell me how she has done all that she can and I would have to go meet with the Associate Principle about dropping his class. I don't want a person to lose they're job because of me, but I know I'm not the only student or person who has been bullied by him. I really am not a person to cause issues or drama, but I feel as if he doesn't enjoy his job because everytime I show up to his class his body and facial expressions make me feel as if my existence is a burden on him. Now if my petition doesn't get him fired I would completely understand and I won't be mad, as long as I just bring attention and awareness to how Mr. Tieri has treated the students of Wheeling High School.

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