STOP DOLLAR GENERAL from building in our front yard!

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Dear Neighbors, Friends, Family, and fellow Mobile County Residents, 

Thank you for taking the time to read this—and to hopefully support us in our mission to stop Dollar General from building a new store in our neighborhood in between 3-4 private residences and directly across the street from a small but active community church, River of Life Episcopal, in the Dawes community.  The new location site is currently occupied by a small brick house with a couple of outbuildings. The brick house was a private residence for many years and just recently was rented to a tenant, but still being used as a residential home.  There are private residences on either side of the lot, there is a private residence behind the site that would share a side property border, and there is a private residence directly behind the site that would share the entire rear property line. The home is occupied by a local family and faces the back of the property currently occupied by the small brick house.  This home would face the back of the proposed store in close proximity.  

We are late in requesting assistance as the plans to build this new store have been kept very private in order to prevent community uproar. Some of us received letters this weekend from a concerned neighbor who found out just last week about the building plans. She in turn composed and mailed letters to the closest neighbors, all of us in disbelief that we have all been kept in the dark. 

None of us have anything against Dollar General, as I have been a customer for years, but the new location is ill-planned, it will have a detrimental effect on the residential value of the surrounding homes, and the problems building in this location —the negative issues it will bring with it will far outweigh any positive benefit this location could provide.

Our community, Dawes and Dawes Lane, is still primarily residential—many people have lived in these homes for years—and it is a family area...the draw for families has always been the peace and quiet that living along the outer border of the county has provided. Highly commercialized areas are close enough to be convenient but just far enough that we can still enjoy peace and quiet, the sounds of nature at night, amazing views of the moon and stars, lightning bugs twinkle around my house by the dozens, and the only sounds are those of frogs, crickets, all the things it is getting harder and harder to find in Mobile County.  If these plans continue forward, we will lose all of this.

Does the benefit of having a Dollar Store in this location outweigh the negative—the loss the Dawes community will definitely endure? You tell me. Right now, there is a Dollar General at Dawes and Cottage Hill, another one on Grand Bay Wilmer Road just off Dawes, both locations are within 2 miles of my house. It takes me about 5 minutes to get to either location.  I know there are other locations as well that I’m not thinking about. That seems pretty convenient to me.  One of my neighbors said there are currently 7 locations within 10 miles....that includes the 2 that are both within 5 minutes of the proposed location in my front yard.

What about the environmental impact building a store in this location will cause? We have enjoyed an abundance of wildlife...all kinds of birds, including hawks and an owl that has nested twice on the ledge of our back porch, both times with two babies, there are all kinds of turtles because of the wetlands to the south and west of our property.  There is also a large animal that lives in these woods, either a bobcat or a black bear. We have seen paw prints on occasion of one of the two. We live in the middle of a small but viable wildlife preserve and I am sure if an environmental study were done, they would find our little area is home to a variety of animals and building another Dollar General right beside all of this will only negatively affect these animals and their homes. 

Please sign the petition to stop Dollar General from building on this site.  Please call our County Commissioner and let him know that this has to be stopped. Since they are currently applying for building permits, time is of the essence. Our County Comissioner is Jerry Carl, 251-574-3000.  Every time this petition is signed, information is forwarded to his email address. We appreciate you taking the time to read this and we would greatly appreciate your signature and any other help you can provide us in our effort to keep Dawes Lane/Dawes a community of family-based residences, a place we are all proud to call home and a lifestyle we all want to defend!

Thank you! If you have a bigger voice in the community and can assist us in any way—please email us at, (Kristi) or (Sandra).  Please help us get this petition out to as many people as quickly as possible! Thank you!!!