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Celebrities needs a normal life ! This people are normal people just like us , we must protect them ! Just imagine yourself hanging out and paparazzis are here to stalk you , and taking photos of you without permission ! Or just imagine those celebrities hwo have kids ! We need to protect them please we need to take action and to protect these people they make us dream , they make us listen to good music , they make us watch great films ! So if you are a fan of one of them please we need your help to stop paparazzi's activities ! 

Paparazzi should be screened and licensed by reputable agencies with uniform standards and Codes of Conduct approved by the majority votes of citizens.

No one should have to be afraid to live their life (ex: go to public places, sunbath in their own backyard, eat a meal in a restaurant, go to the hospital, or drive their car) because of being invaded by paparazzi that do not adhere to certain rules of conduct.

No one should be prevented from leaving or going to any place at any time of their own freewill because paparazzi are blocking their path and refusing to move.

Anyone, celebrity or not, if violated by a licensed or unlicensed paparazzi who does not follow the Code of Conduct, should be allowed to file for an order of protection, and in some cases, press criminal charges.

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