Support Mara, give her a chance at freedom

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Please support Mara Plascencia W81477. Back in 1999 she was convicted and sentenced to serve 50 years to life in a state penitentiary. Twenty years ago she was charged with murder in the first degree. Mara was only nineteen years old and since then she has made every effort and attempt to focus on what led her to commit this crime.

Mara has made a remarkable change in her life today. Keeping her incarcerated for the rest of her life is not going to change anything for the best. On the contrary, this will only continue to hurt others such as; her family, and they are innocent but have been paying for what Mara did twenty years ago. I know that Mara deeply regrets this crime and is remorseful for taking a life that was not for her to take and nothing can justify it because she acknowledges that she was wrong all the way around.

I am asking for support on her behalf simply because she has been greatly judged for this crime. I also ask for mercy, compassion, and forgiveness. Supporting her will make a statement that we as the public should come in unity to stand by those who made a mistake long ago and not throw them away because they are human too. Mara should get a second chance to reintegrate into society. Not because she deserves it but simply because she is human.

When Mara was first arrested she came from a broken home. She was traumatized, lost, and developed many beliefs that led to her distorted thinking. Mara experienced a lot of severe abuse and became a product of her environment. Mara was not only young, but was not equipped with the proper life skills to overcome her own demons. Mara was broken, hurt, and depressed. Instead of seeking help it resulted in her committing this crime. That was twenty years ago, and during that time she has grown a lot, mentally maturing and taking accountability for her actions. Which is why she has invested her time in prison pursuing her education, seeking self help programs, and she has given her life to the Lord. She has been working diligently to become a better person.

Today Mara is no longer a product of her environment, especially because prisons can be a very negative environment to live in. By her actions Mara displays daily that she has acquired wisdom and knowledge to overcome throes no matter where she is at. I know that she deserves a second chance not because she is my daughter but because she is humble, remorseful and she is a kind person who has transformed her life.