Stricter laws against shooting dogs

Stricter laws against shooting dogs

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In Shasta and Tehama counties, and I'm sure it's just as bad in other places here in California, law enforcement officers are known to use the "shoot now ask questions later" policy when it comes to unleashed kanines. Understandably, I wouldn't want to be attacked by a fericious 100 lb dog either.

At the same time, what if the animal isn't ferocious? What if your dog happens to get loose(i dont care who you are, IT HAPPENS), what if the dog isn't displaying any forms of aggression? And there are several animal control agencies in our counties and state that could be quickly utilized in these types of situations.

Today, November 12, 2017 in Red Bluff, Ca; one of the local law enforcement officers brutally gunned down two large saint bernards in front of residents of the area. One dog was lying in the street, brains everywhere.. And the other was fatally injured(in front of civilians)! 

Here is a link to a civilians post where officer Dever of Red Bluff law enforcement in California unessecarily shoots and kills two loose saint bernards in the street of a residential area in front of residents.

This petition was originally going to be torwards the immediate unemployment of said officer, but this is just one of MANY cases of inhumane bodily harm inflicted on a kanine by a law enforcement officer in California.

I believe if there isn't already a law, then there should be a law to be upheld by law enforcement officers to protect our pets. (ie a law that requires the animal to be caught and evaluated for unmanageable aggression before HUMANE euthanization)

We need laws to prevent unessecary bodily harm to kanines by law enforcement. 

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