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Stop Global Warming Before it is too late

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As you know well, this past January, Donald J. Trump swore into the presidency.  He is a republican. As most members of the republican party, he does not believe in climate change and it's distressing effects. I already knew that global warming was worsening by the year due to mining, and other ways of getting natural energy resources, increasing amount of cars on the road, and cutting down forests to build roads and buildings. But since I've started a project in school studying erosion, particularly landslides, I've found out that landslides have always occurred from heavy rain causing the soil to loosen and eventually fall. But humans radically altering land such as stripping hills of vegetation, slopes being modified for streets and buildings, and cities and towns becoming larger have created more frequent and destructive landslides. This may seem like useless information, but it taught me that climate change hurts us in more ways than just heat waves. As President Trump has repealed the ban on offshore drilling, I fear he might do more to hurt the environment. I don't want to live in an America that is increasingly heating up by the day. I live in California, so I decided Governor Brown was the right person to choose as the "decision maker". I really hope this petition gets to my goal of signatures. I believe we should do something to decrease the effects of global warming. Please help this cause by signing. Every signature is a step towards change.

-Nora Alderman, 13 years old

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