A chance to prove my redemption

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My name is Jerome G Jeter I am currently serving a life without parole sentence- slow death by incarceration. I was born to Jean Stevenson and Ernest Jeter in Compton Ca. Where I resided until my incarceration for the murders of Mr Antoine Davis and Mr Cedric Brown. 

Like numerous other teenagers before me my childhood was what I considered normal and average. I participated in youth sports and our community church. However while attending Kelly Elementary School I began to hang out with older family members and their friends who were gang members and drug dealers. I ultimately became a member of the neighborhood gang and began to involve myself in multiple criminal activities. As a result I was subsequently shot 7 times while in front of my house. This eventually led me deeper into the gang and criminal activity which became my lifestyle. Like many troubled youth I used the gangs false sense of family and kinship to mask my pain from abandonment as well as household violence and emotional abuse. 

At the age of 18 I was robbed and shot at a drug deal, Mr Davis and Mr Brown were members of the gang responsible. As a result I sought out all responsible as well as any member of that rival gang, that’s when I took the lives of both Mr Brown and Mr Davis. 

Giving my warped belief at the time in my life I rationalized my actions as fair because I was attacked by those same individuals. Not only do I sincerely regret taking their lives but I now realize how far reaching my cowardice acts went. I am guilty of continuing that same criminal ideology decades into my incarceration. Looking back at myself and the extremely selfish acts I am very sorry to all the family. My empathy extends to the community, the state of California and my very own family. 

As of 2009 I made a choice to not create any more victims. I put in countless hours, days, weeks to better myself. Although I can never take back my wreckless and inhuman acts, I can however attempt to give back selflessly to a community that I took so much from. Since then I’ve sought out recovery, rehabilitation and Self-help through numerous groups such as ARC, AVP, Celebrate Recovery, IPEP And PREP to name a few. Since my change I’ve married the most lovely woman in the world who is my cornerstone along with our girls. I am hopeful that one day I’d be able to give kids a life-lesson without the experience of the actual pitfalls.

It is through love, self-help and education that I learned to be a person, father, husband and mentor. This inspired me to do better, live better and be the best Jerome I can be. Your support will give me an opportunity to show the parole board that I have been redeemed and am capable of being an asset to our troubled teens. Thank you for giving me your time to get to know the broken boy I once was and the better man I’ve worked so hard to be. 

Sincerly Jerome 



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