Richard Washington juvenile offender seeking a second chance at life !

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First and foremost I would like to express the great shame, remorse and sincere regret that I feel for the crimes I committed. There's not a day that will ever go by where my actions on a day after my 18th birthday will not be at the Forefront of my mind.

During my sentence I have taken advantage of the opportunities for both educational and personal growth that CDCR have afford me. What I have learned through evaluation from health professionals and careful self-reflection is that I have a mental illness that went undiagnosed until I was incarcerated. I have work diligently at understanding my diagnosis.

I have made significant strides in developing healthy habits and have name adaptations to my environment to help me both cope with my symptoms from my mental illness and maintain balance. Given what I have learned and the skills I have developed. I know that the man I am today is different from the teenage boys that unjustly took two lives. I'm asking you to sign this petition to support my commutation of sentence from  life to possibility of parole I am asking to be released however only that one day I may sit in front of the parole board the show that change is possible.