Pardon Jonathan Curry convicted in 1999; sentenced to 25-years to life for gun possession

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In 1999, Jonathan Curry was sentenced to 25 years to life for felon in possession of a firearm pursuant to the irrational California Three Strikes Law. He was not in the commission of any crime. No one was harmed, murdered, raped, hurt or molested. He is a loving person that his family adores and misses dearly. Jonathan was racially profiled by police walking down the street in the south-central Los Angeles area. The weapon was not even found on him, it was located nearby in bushes. As a result, he has served 19 years of that sentence and has never gotten into any trouble while incarcerated. He has accomplished a great deal during his incarceration, such as he has earned educational credits for obtaining his GED and other trade certifications. Johnathan has remained positive, hopeful and upbeat about the entire ordeal and deserves to be given a second chance. Jonathan's family is ready to help him with a place to live, provide access to transportation, help him to obtain work and successfully get back on his feet having been incarcerated for nearly 20 years.

Jonathan and his family members had hope that Proposition 57 would remedy the situation and provide a possibility for early parole release for Jonathan Curry; however, it turned out to be a huge disappointment to not only thousands of inmates that are being warehoused in prison for nonviolent crimes and serving lengthy 25 years to life sentences under the harsh California Three-Strikes Law but also to California voters. California voters overwhelmingly passed Proposition 57 initiative back in November 2016 (64% to 35%). People in favor of Proposition 57 clearly intended for the measure to remedy the vast California prison overcrowding dilemma and to halt the wasting of hundreds of millions of tax-payer dollars allocated annually to prison spending. The measure should have provided relief for the mass incarceration epidemic plaguing the state of California, but instead, CDCR clearly abused its power, going against the measures clear mandate and revised the policy to make all three-strikers not eligible for early parole even if their current crime is for a nonviolent offense.

Unfortunately, Jonathan Curry is aging and his son had to grow up without a father. He now has a granddaughter that has been born whose life he will also be absent from if he does not get a pardon and is given a second chance. While serving his 25 years to life sentence, Jonathan consistently demonstrated exceptional behavior, earned educational achievements, spiritual restoration and does not pose a threat to society.

Governor Jerry Brown, please pardon Jonathan Curry before you leave office. Even though your opposition has blocked the Proposition 57 legacy that you intended to be successful to help reduce the mass incarceration problem in this state and have undermined your prison reform progress, you can sort of make this right by releasing Jonathan Curry and some other nonviolent three-strikers like him that have been rehabilitated, have a family support system and do not pose a threat to society. Again, many American Citizens own guns and are gun enthusiasts. He does not want to downplay the crime at all; however, 25 years to life and serving 19 years in prison for this crime is inhumane, absurd, irrational and downright cruel. This injustice has to stop! 

Jonathan is excited to get back to life and dreams about the day when he can come home. He wants to get a job working in the area of public transit construction on possibly some Metro subway expansion projects in Southern California. We have discussed on numerous occasions that he would rather be a tax paying citizen, working and providing for his family rather than in being a liability to taxpayers and his family. He and his family have a release strategy to guarantee that Jonathan will succeed and not recidivate. He is now in his late 40s and all he wants to do is work and catch up on countless time he's missed with his son, granddaughter, long-time girlfriend and close family members that have supported him and been by his side every year that has gone by during this nightmare.

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