NHF: Do NOT eliminate vaccine waivers in California

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NHF: Do NOT eliminate vaccine waivers in California

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            The current media campaign of hysteria and fear about a measles “epidemic” has moved into high gear in the hope of stampeding Californians into throwing away our long-held freedom to exempt ourselves from government-coerced vaccinations.  Right now, legislation is being introduced in Sacramento to jettison Californians’ right to religious and philosophical exemptions from coercive vaccinations. Every child would be forced to receive dozens of vaccinations even though such vaccinations have never been proven safe, have been linked to increasingly higher rates of autism among infants, and even though most such vaccinations contain alarming amounts of mercury, formaldehyde, polysorbate 80, aluminum, live viral cells, and other toxins that are injected directly into an infant’s body with its as-yet undeveloped immune system. The National Health Federation (www.thenhf.com) finds this completely unacceptable.

Exemptions to mandatory (coercive) vaccinations are not the danger here.  Even with exemptions to mandatory vaccinations, the vast majority of Californians are already vaccinated, over 96.1%; and the majority of cases of measles come from adults who have already been vaccinated against the measles, in many instances more than once. This was definitely the case in the recent episode of a measles “epidemic” at Disneyland where only adults were affected and no one died.  Hardly a reason to throw away our vaccination-exemption freedoms.

We do not believe any human should be forced to vaccinate.  Parents should have the right to protect their infants from these toxic stews injected into their vulnerable bodies. 

Waivers should be accessible for all humans for all reasons and the National Health Federation petitions against mandatory/coercive vaccination.  This includes public and private sector workers and children attending public and private schools.  NHF is not arguing against vaccination, we simply petition that choice remain an option, as it has been for many years now. If you feel strongly then follow through with your support by your signature and then visit www.thenhf.com and step fully into the fray with your membership and your support.

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