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Make Cat Declawing Illegal in California

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The process of declawing a cat is inhumane. It is not a "simple fix" that most people think it is. It is the equivelant to removing a human's finger past their last knuckle. It is the process of removing bone, nerve and joint from a cat's paw and it causes excruciating pain and can lead to further problems down the line. This is an unncessary procedure and should be classified as animal cruelty.

I started this petition because as a cat owner and animal lover, it is heart-wrenching to see these animals suffer. I volunteer at a vet clinic after work and I see far too many of these procedures being done. The cats always have lingering pain, take a long time to recoup and many times have no idea how to function anymore. Taking a cat's claws away not only takes away their defense, but can also lead to more agressive cats who want to bite to protect themselves. Some times, it can lead to cat's not using the litter boxes. The fact of the matter is that declawing is not a solution to problems, but it creates more problems than it solves. It causes pain and suffering in animals, including nerve damage, and it should be classified as animal cruelty. Cat declawing is already illegal in Los Angeles County and it should be illegal state-wide.

If you are reading this, please consider signing this petition to outlaw cat declawing in the State of California and to stop the end of unnecessary procedures.

Jerry Brown, please make declawing cats illegal in the state of California, except in medically necessary situations.

The human society has further information here:

I have also included a video from Jackson Galaxy, the host of Animal Planet's "my cat from hell", who has over 15 years of experience as a cat behaviorist.


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