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Parole of Michael Dubov CDC# J96133

Dear Governor Brown:

On December 14, 1993 Michael Dubov murdered Mika Bissett, the daughter and only child of Chieko Bissett.  Dubov was Mika's ex-boyfriend, she ended their relationship because he had been violent and abusive toward her. Mika was everything to her parents, a 20 year old student at Loyola Marymount University, with her whole life ahead of her.  She was also pregnant with her first child.

Mr. Dubov strangled her to death that day, and was convicted of 1st degree murder, and sentenced to 25 years to life.  On April 29th of this year, he was granted parole after serving just over 21 years of his sentence.  This is a shocking injustice that must not stand.  The profound gravity of this heinous crime demands the Dubov remain in prison.  Please use your power to overturn this mistaken decision.

In prison Dubov followed the rules, and earned college degrees, including Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Psychology.  This impressed the parole board, and yet at Dubov’s first parole hearing in 2009, D.A. Herb Lapin (arguing for Dubov’s continued incarceration) said Dubov was an “intelligent psychopath,” and such people usually do well in prison; they are skilled manipulators.  And so, absurdly, Dubov is being rewarded for simply following the rules in prison, which is what he is supposed to do in the first place, as an inmate.

At his parole hearing in April of this year, Dubov admits to having been physically abusive toward Mika in the months before he murdered her (p. 71 of the parole hearing transcript), and to running over her foot with his car (p. 72).  As well, Dubov acknowledges keeping Mika's body with him for two days in the apartment where he murdered her, and lying to her mother the whole time, assuring Chieko her precious daughter was fine.

Dubov continued to lie at the last parole hearing on April 29, 2015.  He has not changed.  Consistently, Dubov excuses away his wrongdoings and attributes his violent conduct to his "fragile ego." (p32).  It is absurd to believe that this pathologically angry man is fit to be in general society.  In the controlled, artificial environment of prison he has followed the rules, but there is no reason to think that he will be able to withstand the stresses of life in present-day culture.  He has a history of violence and murder, after all, and extensive illegal drug use, which he acknowledged at his parole hearing.

Governor, what does it say to the community if such an immoral, violent person is released after merely 21 years?  Would you want this man as your neighbor?  The parole board has been deceived by Dubov’s prison record.  His conduct, just 21 years ago, is of a man who committed an atrocious act of murder, and then cruelly dumped the body on a hillside.  Mika did not deserve to be treated like a piece of trash.  Dubov is now only 44 years old, he has not paid a big enough price for the cold blooded murder he chose to commit.

Chieko Bissett’s daughter is dead, her unborn grandchild is dead, and her life is ruined.  Surely there are better candidates for a parole than this murderer.  A clean prison record over only 21 years does not justify parole in this horrific case.  Justice and the well-being of the citizens of California are best served by reversing the decision to parole Michael Dubov.  I beg you to keep this convicted killer in prison. 


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