Installing Surveillance Camera on Freeways

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This law allows law enforcement to have access to technology that would improve efficiency in executing the law. By installing security cameras  at every exit and every thirty miles ( this is subjected to change sepending on how much distance the camera can cover) on all  California freeway, police would be able to monitor vehicle collisions, shootings, and dangerous activities and come to the crime scene quicker. With this technology, police can respond right away and not lose critical time waiting for people to report. This also allows law enforcement to obtain objective information regarding the crime.

This came to my attention when my father got into a multi-vehicle car accident, which also had a shooter involved. From this incident, the perpetrator was not caught and the various witnesses had different description of the perpetrator and of what exactly happened since many of them were involved in a severe car accident. This kind of confusion could all be avoided with cameras installed at the freeways. Although installing cameras to monitor car traffic and accident might be costly at first, this is a wrothy investment because it could hold people accountable and by doing so would also allow people to feel safe. Although most freeways are safe from shooting, but in areas where crimes are rampant, car chases and shooting are prevalent. Most of the time when these incidents happen, police do not have information to continue the investigation. Furthermore, when crimes do happen, criminals escapes through state highways and thus by installing  cameras on highways, you limit the area that criminals can escape to.  Giving law enforcers the power to real time footage also allow them to respond immediately and reduce the lost time while waiting for people to report. Right now the Fremont government is planning to installed cameras on I- 80 and highway 4 in response to the car accident that happened and a murder that happened on highway 4. The Fremont government has identified thirteen shooting hot spots on the freeway and plans to install cameras there along with license plate readers, and microphones. Although they are installing cameras, they do not plan to monitor the highway, but only use the cameras for investigative purposes.


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