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Help Monica Petition for Possible Parole

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Please support Monica McCarrick (WE 5182) in her quest to show her progress of rehabilitation and healing after committing crimes during a psychotic episode. Monica suffered a psychotic break in 2010. She was diagnosed by five psychiatric experts and was deemed legally insane during this time, thus pleading not guilty by reason of insanity. However, our judicial system rarely acknowledges this plea and the effects of psychotic episodes. She was sentenced to life WITHOUT possibility of parole, condemning her to a life without hope. Monica is pleading to CA Governor Jerry Brown to commute her sentence of life without possibility of parole to a life sentence WITH possibility of parole. Monica is requesting the opportunity to prove her progress of rehabilitation and the successful treatment of her mental illness. During a psychotic break she committed unintentional homicide of her two young twins and narrowly survived her own suicide attempt. Her acts were horrific. Monica was found, hospitalized, and eventually revived still experiencing the psychotic episode. Now seven years later after a proper diagnosis, medication management and thousands of hours of counseling and self-help, Monica has regained her mental stability. She has proven her desire to make amends by becoming a certified addiction counselor as well as continuing her education to earn a college degree. Monica has shown her personal growth and healthy mind. SHE JUST NEEDS A CHANCE. While living with her deep grief, she has reached out to make amends to family and friends. She does not use her past abuse or addiction history as an excuse for her behavior nor does she play the victim role, but takes full accountability for her actions.

Monica is now in a position to help others escape their tragic past. She does this by serving her fellow inmates as a certified counselor. She never would have accomplished this without an understanding of her own suffering, replacing brokenness with self-respect and compassion for other. Since 2013, when she became determined to recover, she has grown leadership capability.

Monica is a testament that it is possible to rehabilitate and overcome demonstrating that mental stability can be regained when properly treated with medication and therapy. Monica is a testament that it is possible.

Please help us support Monica and send your request to Governor Brown to commute her devastating sentence. She has so much to offer and needs your support. Give her the chance to help many others in our community suffering from mental illness and addiction.

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