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Help Change California’s Highway Speed Limit

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Raising California’s highway speed limit will not only get rid of the traffic problem, but it will also create safer roads. As someone who sits in traffic daily, I want to do anything I can to prevent traffic. By simply boosting the speed limit up by 5 or 10 MPH for everyone, there would be much less traffic on the roads. It’s simple: Less driving time for people equals fewer cars on the road.

Some people might argue with me saying that it would be dangerous to do so. They would say that there would be more accidents. I disagree. Speed doesn’t cause accidents. Recklessness and inattentiveness do. Just because someone goes a few miles faster on the highway, it doesn’t mean they are creating any more danger than the guy going 60 MPH in the middle lane. If anything, the guy going 60 is doing more harm because he’s slowing things down which causes people to jam on their brakes.

In 1987, states were allowed to raise certain speed limits. Many people opposed this for the same reasons someone might oppose it today and despite it, the law was passed. The result was a gain in safety; not a loss. After several experiments, they found that an increase in the speed limit produced a decline in traffic fatalities.

Stephen Boyles, an assistant professor of transportation engineering at the University of Texas published an article saying that with our modern safer roads and safer cars, the maximum speed limit needs to be raised. He claims “This difference in speeds is actually more dangerous than if everyone were driving at a faster speed. We’ve all felt the frustration of being behind slow drivers and annoyance at aggressive drivers weaving through traffic. Both of these situations are dangerous and make traffic worse”.

Speed Limits across the United state range from 65 MPH all the way to 85 MPH. If you agree with me, please sign my petition!


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