He is more than a number, Help bring Richard home!

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This petition is being created with the intention to help bring a son, a father,  and a husband home.

Richard,  has been incarcerate the majority of his life. Convicted at the tender age of only 16, of a 15 to Life sentence he is now 41 years old and serving his 26th year in prison. He left behind a mother, an only son to Lourdes she has only known what it is life to be a mother behind glass and through a rigorous visiting processing center. 24 years into his prison journey, he has  became a father, and a husband to a family of three. Richard has completely turned around his mentality and put aside his criminal ways. For most men, not knowing when his time would come, a sense of hopelessness would take over. For Richard this journey  has not been easy by any means, he became a man in prison. A total of 26 years  now he only knows what it's like to go to chow, go to day room, and when yard time is. His visit days are filled with laughter and love, his family visits him religiously.

He programs in hopes that the board and CDCR themselves see the change he has made. He has been able to create and maintain respectful relationships with any and all he encounters, including the correctional officers of the various facilities. He has been able to break his institutionalized ways and maintain a civil manner. 

Richard doesn't get family visits, making this journey even harder on a man who has shown remorse, who has taken responsibility , and who has owned his actions and paid his dues!  This man has lived his adult life in prison, never knowing what it has been like to have a family at home, to go to work and come home to his children. His crime was committed when his mind was of tender age, a mindset of a youngster trying to prove himself to a crowd of men , people, whom had replaced his family as they had been in absence. He committed a crime and mistakenly took the life of a young man, a rival of his own. We have all committed our share of mistakes and we have all paid our dues, 26 years is more than sufficient for a man who has turned his life around completely. He was a child with no guidance, no one to push him forward and lead him in the right direction through this rough life. 

I ask that you give this man a chance to live his life the way any human being should with the choice to wake up, with a choice on what to eat, with the rights to see a medical physician, to eat something besides a condensed meal. He has been separated from his mother, his children, and wife. He is not a number he is also a human being. Mistakes are made every day, he was a child as was his victim, a child with no guidance. His mother has also paid the price for his actions. everyone to deserves a second change at living life.

My husband lives everyday with the site of the young man's family on his mind. Not one day passes where he doesn't pray to the Lord above for the victims family's well being. Every day he makes a promise to himself and to his family to continue to stay positive, to not let his mistake be in vain.  

I ask please sign our petition to bring Richard home. Help give him a second chance at life.  To prove that he is not a monster, he is not a criminal with criminal tendencies, he is a human being, a son, a father, and a husband. 


Thank you all, my family and I appreciate the time you  have taken to read this and sign. 

God Bless.