Free Rain Barrels Provided by the Government

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Conservation of water has always been on the minds of those who live in California and neighboring states.  Over the past several of years California has been suffering from a major drought which has caused the state as a whole to get there water from elsewhere. Currently, a major city of California, Los Angeles, “spends $1 billion a year to import 85 percent of our water supply” (Sierra Club, 2018). For many who don’t know this information, Los Angeles receives a major amount of its water from places such as the Colorado River. Therefore, we must take into consideration that the water that naturally comes across such regions is becoming scarce.

As of 2012, California passed the Rainwater capture act which allowed the citizens of California to be able to buy rain barrels to be able to store water which was not allowed prior to this act being passed. However, “a typical [rain barrel] system costs between $35 and $600” (House Logic, 2018). With such price range, people would be intimidated to buy one which makes this act not as effective as it should be. Therefore, in order to build upon this Act and initiate the process of conserving water in California, the structure of rain barrels should be provided for free by the government. This being because, a rain barrel has the ability to “save most homeowners about 1300 gallons of water during the peak summer months” (EPA, 2009). This means that the benefit of having a rain barrel provides an economic incentive for homeowners based on the fact that it saves them money on their water bill. In addition, it also helps reduce the amount of money Los Angeles has to invest on importing water, and it does not affect the environment in which we get such water from.


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