Free Michael McKuin whom is wrongfully convicted for murder. He is innocent.

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Michael was on trial for murder, but was wrongfully convicted by a bias jury and a lying DA.  Michael and Lynette(Michael's wife) they were separated, started seeing other people then we still see each other and trying to make things work. They were never divorced yet they keep saying they are but there's no record or legal documents saying they were divorced. The guy she was seeing Michael's son was telling Michael that this guy was touching him. Michael told her about it and she flipped. She was suppose to come to Michael's house to get their son for the day but never came by. The next day he found out she was killed and the detectives were looking at him because he's the husband. That's the short story of a long one. It was circumstancial evidence. It's crazy because Michael had witnesses saying where Michael was. His kids were with him. He wouldn't kill anybody with his kids with him the entire time. They said a female was seen at the scene of the crime. Last I checked Michael is not a female. A white car was seen fleeing the scene of the crime. He don't drive a white car but the guy she was seeing does. Supposedly they used her car. None of Michael's DNA or finger prints were in the car anywhere outside or around the car. Yet they found three different dna samples in there but the never took the guys dna only his. His wife and he were still sleeping together so they found a little but of dead skin, no blood, just skin particles under he pinky fingernail. Yet there was unknown dna under the rest of her nails. Had a DNA expert come in and say dead skin cells can last two weeks under the finger nail. His wife and he had sex two days before. This guy doesn't have any history of violence what so ever. His kids don't know why he's in Prison because they were with him all day that day and they never seen anyone come to the house. The boyfriend was caught in a lie on the stand and changed his story, yet the DA, the Jury, the court didn't seem to care. They never looked in to his story or alibi, never took his DNA to check to see if it matches the other three DNA left in the car or the unknown DNA under Lynette's fingernails. The whole trial was botched. They sent an innocent man to Prison for a crime he did not commit yet because of who he was and nobody seems to care. This is our justice system failing us. They needed someone in Prison so they chose this guy instead of the real killer. What kind of garbage is that? People lied on the stand about what Michael said(which Michael never said) and was caught on it on trial yet they still convict the poor guy. The DA had evidence he's innocent yet didn't pursue that. Instead he only cared about elections and quotas to look good for election year. He didn't care about justice at all but a paycheck. What about justice for Lynette, Michael and they're son? Where's their justice? The DA offered a deal of six years in prison if Michael pleaded guilty, but Michael refused and took it to trial facing 25 to Life if he loses because he is innocent. Yet no one cared. The Jury didn't care. No one did. If he had a paid attorney he'd be home because it all comes down to money. And in court who ever is the better storytelling attorney wins. The DA said Michael's motivation to kill Lynette was because of his son being molested. Thats not motive at all. He'd kill the one molesting his child not the mother of his child that Michael still slept with. There is no motive behind any of this. I've looked in to this case closely and none of it makes sense. His phone shows he was at home. The other guy the boyfriend whom I believed did it lives only ten minutes away from Michael. Adrian is his name. He's the killer in my opinion. He was last seen with the victim and has no real valid alibi. He was caught lying on the stand changing his stories and trying to throw his cousin under the bus. Michael is still fighting for his innocence to get home to his kids. He is appealing his case. The Third circuit courts in Sacramento, CA. Denied Michael his appeal and even stated they don't think he's the killer, but going to stick with the juries decision. What the hell? They don't think he did it but denied him of his freedom. Wow. This is such a messed up and bizarre case. Michael truly is innocent yet he's serving 25 to Life in Prison for something he didn't do. It's sickening. It truly is. Show this poor soul some love and support and help him get back home to his kids where he belongs. Please sign this petition to show the DA and the Jury was wrong. To give an innocent man his freedom back. To bring an innocent man back to his children so they can have a father in their life. Please with enough signatures this will bring the attention to the people that can do something about this. To make a wrong right. To show the corrupt courts we will not stand by and let injustice such as this go on anymore because the DA is wanting to look good for elections. To show them just because you don't have enough money for an attorney doesn't give the DA's the right to lock you away. This could happen to anyone including you. So let's take a stand and free this man. Thank you for all your support. Please spread and share this to anyone and everyone. If we get 500,000 signatures it will surely catch their attention. Thank you once again.