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End Life Without Parole Sentence For Grant Hunter

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First off, I would like to thank you for passing the law in regards to juvenile lifers to receive a the chance of parole after serving 25 years. It is the first step of many to rehabilitate offenders and correct the overcrowded prison system.

I am writing this letter and submitting a petition on behalf of my fiancee and boyfriend of 14years Grant Hunter. Unfortunately, he does not fall into the 'juvenile' category since his alleged crime was committed a few months after his 23ed birthday. The 'average' time served for a murder conviction is 5 1/2 years in California, yet Grant was sentenced to Life Without Parole. For a murder in which he himself did not commit and was only party to.
Grant is currently serving his 7th year in prison with no current chance at parole or release.

Grant has been bettering himself since his time in custody taking college classes to earn a college degree, with plans to obtain additional degrees once the first is completed. Which would make him able to be a working member of society if released.
I strongly urge that you give Grant the same opportunity you have so generously given to other young first-time offenders. His crime does not fit the sentence he received it is disproportional to the sentence given to his equally culpable co-defendants. The one who set the whole crime into motion was given a sentence of 2ed degree murder for the same crime in which he received a charge of 1st degree murder, and had less of a role in. She has a sentence of 7 years to life. All I ask is that he be given the same opportunity and chance at life as the one who led him down this road.

Grant unlike others in his case is fully supported by his family and maintains regular contact with both of his parents and his brother. He also has me advocating for him and standing by him. We are all willing and able to do whatever it takes to see him granted a 2nd chance at life. This is proof in itself that he is not beyond redemption when those who have known him forever have not yet given up on him!

Grant could be proof of the state of California's ability to 'rehabilitate' it's prison population, as well as decrease the inmate numbers and overcrowded conditions throughout California's facilities. Since Grant is a diabetic inmate, he has medical needs and costs which contributes to the cost of housing him being higher then that of a regular healthy inmate of his age, and those costs will only increase with his age.

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