End daylight savings in California

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Daylight savings time is no longer relevant in modern times. There is absolutely no reason for this practice that was started by the Germans in WW1 and adopted by other countries for fuel savings. Energy usage is much more complicated today and there is no data that can correlate any savings. According to data referenced by Last Week Tonight by John Oliver's show that had a segment on Daylight savings (which is incredibly hilarious btw), a state that adopted the change showed an increase in energy costs. Other risks to our population exist as well. 

For example, healthcare systems feel the burden of this change twice a year. During those time changes, calculations of time are incorrect for durations of medication administration, vital sign and patient monitoring along with other time based recordings - thus increasing risk for error and threatening patient safety. 

In addition, due to sleep loss and behavioral changes triggered by the Daylight Savings time shifts, there are increases in traffic accidents and auto-related fatalities. Reference the NIH site for this data. 

We can stop this ridiculous institution now and for good. Please sign this petition to free California from this arcane burden.

The solution is simple, sign the petition so we can influence our legislature. A Prop is created and voted on during the next election/voting cycle. If we win, it's over. If we lose, no change from today. 

I work in Healtchare IT and have witnessed the cost and risk to our healthcare systems that daylight savings introduces. In fact, most health systems create a downtime for their electronic systems during those hours. The downtimes reduce the quality of care and decrease safety for patients. 

Thanks for signing and helping support this politically neutral change in the great state of California.