Eliminate State Income Taxes for Public School Teachers in California

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The State of California is in dire need of qualified public school teachers. In order to address this issue at a statewide level, the California state government should support SB 807, Teacher Recruitment and Retention Act, which eliminates the state income tax for teachers in order to attract more undergraduate students into the profession to reduce the amount of unqualified teachers in California.

Lauren Camera, who is an educational reporter at U.S. News and World Report, wrote, "According to a survey of 211 California school districts, 75 percent reported having a shortage of qualified teachers for the 2016-17 school year, and 80 percent said the shortages have gotten worse since the 2013-14 school year…" in California Mulls Eliminating Income Tax for Teachers. The lack of a quality education is detrimental for the students because it does not allow them to grow in the subjects where the teacher is not qualified. This affects them in the long run because certain classes are required as prerequisites in order to move onto the next class, or even to move onto the next grade level.

Students can be emotionally and mentally distraught from school which could be caused by a variety of reasons. In High school dropouts in Yolo County represent huge financial losses, by Cynthia Moreno, Moreno discusses the experiences of students in who felt they weren’t receiving enough support during their high school career. Moreno writes, “Because of their experiences, both dropped out of high school, and later sought refuge at a place they found the encouragement, motivation and stimulation to continue pressing forward with their educational endeavors” (Moreno, 2016). The importance of their experience is a mental one, how can one succeed in a location where no one cares so why should they. It makes them believe that they are not important which affects the decisions that teens make outside of school after dropping out. As a result of dropping out their paths to success become more limited and restricted.

The cost of students not receiving an adequate education because of factors that are out of their control is too high to be further ignored. The state of California must act in order to reduce the lack of qualified teachers that teach students on a daily basis. By implementing SB 807 the Teacher Recruitment and Retention Act, the students of today, leaders of tomorrow can aspire to become teachers in the state of California where they receive benefits for teaching the next generation of leaders.