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Covered California - fix your life threatening administrative error now

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Covered California has admitted their mistake -  that they allowed the insurance of my friend Allison, who is battling breast cancer, to lapse in error. She had registered properly and had paid all premiums. Now, her insurance company is not covering the emergency surgery she needs to avoid a life-threatening infection until Covered California sends them one email stating that she should have coverage. Please sign my petition to have them send that email immediately. 

Even though Covered California admits their error, they say they can only send the email in TWO WEEKS. She needs the surgery now. She should have had it days ago. After months of chemotherapy and many surgeries, her body is not strong enough to fight off an infection due to an open wound. 

It will only take one email from Covered California to fix this!  

Alison, an amazingly strong Ironman athlete and long-distance runner among so much else, was diagnosed with breast cancer last July. Luckily she had insurance to cover some of her arduous treatment and she fought her way through like the endurance athlete she is. Things went really wrong went she went to Covered California for a new policy in January. It did not deliver as promised, so she changed the policy - making extra sure she had continuous coverage and keeping her premiums paid. She was well aware that she could not allow a lapse in her insurance due to her health situation.  

Unfortunately, during this time, her reconstructive surgery went wrong and she was booked for emergency surgery. Her doctors and the hospital moved mountains to fit her in because it was important to repair it immediately to avoid a bad infection. Upon the usual check, they were told by her insurance company she didn't have any coverage, but she did! As mentioned earlier, it was a mistake by Covered California. They admitted it and apologized but are not taking care of it now. They are telling her that it will take TWO WEEKS to fix their problem. 

It turns out there is no regulatory agency over Covered California and they don't seem to be responsible to anyone. We need to inspire them to take this administrative error seriously. 

My brave strong friend got through the cancer treatment like the champion she is, but this has almost broken her and she needs our help. She wrote: 

“there's a whole other aspect to this, and it's the emotional part. I would love to say that I was strong and I yelled at the people on the phone who told me "so sorry" and that I made mountains move. But I couldn't; and I just cried. And I've been crying for days. And I don't feel strong anymore. I feel scared, forgotten, deformed, tired, sad and depressed. I didn't even feel this way when I was diagnosed with cancer. I'm sure I will bounce back, eventually, but the health care industry needs to realize that when you delay procedures or deny operations, you not only destroy someone's physical state, you destroy their emotional state as well. And who makes me whole for that?" 

Please sign this petition to get them to fix this error immediately so that she can get her already delayed surgery.


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