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Climate Change; We Need To Make A Difference!

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Hello! My name is Kylie and I am 14 years old. Being on social media gives me an insight to the horrible affects climate change has on our beautiful planet.

Recently, I saw a video on twitter by Paul Nicklen, a National Geographic photographer, of a malnourished Polar Bear who was at its final days. The Polar Bear was seen with most of it’s beautiful coat gone and the terrain around it melted with ice. The video shows it dragging around it’s back legs and eating something it had found from the trash can. The Polar Bear was definitely emaciated and at a loss of energy. At the end of the video it shows it lying down.  Holding back my tears, this video absolutely shattered my heart and I decided I wanted to make a difference.

We need to all accept that this is happening in our world right now and help make a change. I have seen plenty of other videos of the effects of climate change on our environment but none has hurt me as much as this one video. I don’t want to see these animals extinct by the time I am older. I also would like for my own kids to see the beautiful world we have all lived in. However, we can only do that if we made a change. 

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