Carpool (HOV) lane access extension for ZEVs

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California supports Clean Energy and Environmental friendly cars. As part of that effort to encourage people living in CA to buy Environmental friendly cars, one of the incentives CA gives is access to Carpool (HOV) lanes for single rider driving a Clean Energy vehicle.

But, there has been a recent change in the law, ( which will NOT allow cars with White stickers (given to ZEVs, Zero emission vehicles), one of the cleanest vehicles on roads from using it after 31st Dec, 2018.

The law allows cars owners who bought cars in 2017-2018 to get extensions till 2021, but this law allows even cars with Green stickers (given to cars like plug-in hybrids)

What this means is a ZEV owner (like Tesla, Nissan Leaf) bought before 2017 can't drive in HOV lanes after 31st Dec, 2018, where as a Prius Prime, which has 25 miles of all-electric driving range, or BMW 330e 530e, which have 15 miles of all-electric driving range (which is a joke in the name of clean car), bought after 2017 can drive in Carpool lanes.

This change in law doesn't  support clean car owners, instead just supports buying new cars whether ZEV or Plug-Ins.

This petition is to change the law to extend the Carpool (HOV) lane access for White stickers of ZEVs (cleanest cars) to 2021 at least, if not Sep 2025, when the program ends.

Law should allow people driving cleanest cars as an encouragement for being early adopters and also encouraging people to buy more ZEVs and not cars which have 15 miles if electric range (just to meet compliance), which gets access to HOV lane and could be polluting the environment by running on gas instead of battery, because of their small battery range.

Please sign this petition and spread the word around, if you are a ZEV owner or true environmental lover, who cares for the future of our planet.