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California Reforestation

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Every year, forests worldwide are greatly diminished in order to support the profits of a select few. This deforestation is devastating to the ecosystem, causing a huge loss in biodiversity and contributing to climate change and ocean acidification by preventing the natural decomposition of carbon dioxide that forests provide. In order to counterbalance this, we must protect our remaining ecosystems by adding them to the lists of protected state forests, which would make them less vulnerable to people searching for short-term cash. But protecting the remaining forests is not enough to counterbalance the loss.  We have to go further -- to repair the damage that the forests have already suffered.  We have the ability to turn things around through reforestation - if we have the will.  California has land ripe for reforestation, and is an ideal place for such an effort to gain traction.

We call on the Governor and the state environmental authorities to:

- Identify unused land (preferably near forests, so biodiversity can spread from existing forests into new areas)

- Allocate money to reforest that land

- Launch efforts to reforest that land; and

- Continue reforestation efforts to see new growth expand across the available unused land.

This effort will improve the health of California's biosphere, help fight climate change, reduce ocean acidification, and make California an example for what can be done to repair ecosystems around the globe.

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