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stop child labor and toxic gases in clothing

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By the concerned children's party for safer working conditions.

One thing Tween brands do that is extremely bad for the environment is that they sell  brands such as: Silly Strings which let out toxic gases. Many parents care about their children’s health. Some are not aware that in Countries like China, factories use toxic chemicals when producing  clothing. Vendors and factories must comply with all local environmental laws that matter to the workplace. Factories must conduct  business so as to decrease the impact on the environment,including but not limited to, properly managing waste and maximizing recycling initiatives. Many of the companies fall well short of compliance with the environmental initiatives. Also, child labor is a big problem, stores like Zara, forever 21, gap, Joe Fresh and many other stores use child labor. This needs to stop NOW!!!. Many people don't know about these stores and how they exploit children, children of the age of 5 years old or even younger are forced to be slaves. Now you must be like "oh, its not my child so who cares," but imagine if was your child, if people were forcing your child to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and if they did something wrong, they would experience corporal punishment or even death as their consequence. So you must think not shopping from those stores wont help, but it will. Once people stop buying clothing from these stores,it will show that if they keep using children as their slaves they wont be successful. So try to put yourself in the place of one of their parents or them: if your child died from not doing something right or if everyday you had to go to work and if you messed up you would get abused and tortured or maybe even die.


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