Bring Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to Tesla vehicles

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Kole Winters
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Tesla is motivated to create the best vehicles on the market. In particular, the most efficient, fastest, and autonomous.  For Tesla, entertainment options are of secondary concern (in car games aside).

Take for example, the Spotify app in Tesla vehicles.  It is extremely buggy (freezing, crashing, logging out, etc) and woefully out of date.  It doesn't contain any of the new features of Spotify that make Spotify great: "Made for You" playlists, Discover Weekly, On Repeat, Daily Mixes, and many many more.  It appears that it was created by Tesla five years ago and hasn't been touched since.

Spotify and other third party software providers (Audible, Overcast, Waze, Amazon Music, Tidal, etc) are highly motivated to keep their app up to date with their latest features.  The way they accomplish this is through Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. They're motivated to keep their apps up to date in a way that Tesla never will be.

Let third party software providers develop, update, and maintain their apps and let Tesla focus on what they do best - creating the best autonomous vehicles. If Tesla supports this,  we'll get the best of both worlds.