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Resignation of Jeroen Dijsselbloem.

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«During the crisis of the euro, the countries of the North have shown solidarity with the countries affected by the crisis. As a Social Democrat, I attribute exceptional importance to solidarity. [But] you also have obligations. You can not spend all the money on drinks and women and then ask for help

These comments were made by the president of the Eurogroup, Jeroen Dijsselbloem, in an interview with German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. 

They are not only vulgar and insulting to both the idea and foundations of the European Union and the countries that are suffering the crisis the most. They're simply racist, sexist, and sectarian, and they're not the first comments of this kind made by Mr. Dijsselbloem.

In these times of social and economic crisis, when the utility of the European Union is being questioned, and its integrity jeopardized, our common institutions cannot be run by the mediocrity, sectarianism, sexism and racism that Mr. Dijsselbloem represents.

The only acceptable apology is a resignation



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