Stop Wasting Our Money

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As many of you already know, Climate Change is happening and it’s not going away. It’s a critical issue that threatens not only the existence of numerous species, it threatens our health, well-being, and almost every aspect of our lives. We have begun to see the first signs of its existence in the way our summer’s are starting significantly later than normal, our winters lasting significantly longer, our recent experiences with catastrophic weather events such as flooding, droughts, and storms of all kinds, not to mention the severe endangerment of  species like polar-bears and bees.

Since Ontario’s new government has come into power, many significant programs that help protect our environment have been cut. The total budget for action has shrunk from over $1 billion per year (funded wholly from a polluter pays system) to a mere $400 million over four years (funded from general government tax revenues).

The government is wasting over $30 million of our tax dollars in court in an attempt to stop the federal government’s efforts to fight climate change. Instead of sufficiently funding climate action, the Ontario government has even gone as far to spend millions of dollars to launch an ad-campaign against climate action.

This is only moving Ontario backwards and pulling resources away from possible climate solutions. I urge everyone to sign this petition and choose to fight for our tax money to be spent on saving our climate instead of wasting it on less important policies the way Doug Ford has chosen to do.