Jeremy Lefroy: be an independent MP & demand £100 million for Stafford's County Hospital

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Thanks to the Conservative government’s programme of cuts, services at Stafford’s County Hospital are at their lowest ever level. The children's A&E department is set to remain closed and the main A&E is one of three in the county under threat of being downgraded to an urgent care centre, providing treatment within set hours, as opposed to a 24-hour service.

The Democratic Unionist Party has agreed to support Theresa May's minority government in return for an extra £1 billion for Northern Ireland. The DUP has 10 seats in Parliament, so that equates to £100 million for each MP.

We, the undersigned, call on Stafford MP Jeremy Lefroy to resign his membership of the Conservative Party, becoming an independent Member of Parliament, and then to demand that, in exchange for his support of Theresa May’s Conservative government, £100 million of extra funding be made available to secure and improve services at Stafford’s County Hospital.

Mr Lefroy has always expressed his full support for hospital services in Stafford. This is the perfect opportunity for him to prove that he puts the interests of the people of the town first and not the interests of the Conservative Party.

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