Make children's mental health a priority and ring fence the £1.2 Bn funding.

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Make children's mental health a priority and ring fence the £1.2 Bn funding.

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This petition was started to raise awareness of how underfunded children's mental health services are and how difficult it is to get the right treatment. I campaigned and met with lots of people and was awaiting the £1.2 Bn funding for children's mental health. Well guess what, the funding is not ring fenced so can be spent on what ever each area decides, so mainly on paying off hospital debts. It's stealing from the most vulnerable. I'm calling on Mr Hunt to meet with me and calling for an urgent enquiry into where each authority had spent this funding. This wouldn't happen if these were children with cancer or other physical conditions , but it's seems like the government thinks it's ok to steal from seriously ill kids just because you can't see it. ****** I need to raise awareness of my Daughter Olivia . Olivia is suffering with depression and other mental health issues. She's 13. Olivia has been admitted to hospital 4 times in 7 weeks with suicide attempts . She wasn't listened too and feels so frustrated after being discharged and while still on the ward managed to take an overdose. So just to clarify within minutes of professionals telling her there's nothing more they can do she overdosed on a children's ward in hospital. Her CAMHS Dr told us they should have 25 staff but they have 5. We are told all the facilities that could help Olivia are closed. When your child is in crisis out of office hours there is nothing more than A&E . This is appalling! Why is children's mental health not a priority? Why are the CAMHS service running on 1/5 of what they need? Why are our children not being listened to? How is it possible for a 13 year old to be left with an hour a week support?? There are 167 other hours in the week to fill. I suspect the answer is money! But I'd like to know how this is possible! Why are children sent to A&E where there is no one trained to deal with these issues? Then onto a children's ward which is for medical cases , where staff haven't got the time to look after someone who's in a mental health crisis, as they are so short staffed they have to prioritise the children who are physically ill. Being on a medical ward when you feel so low and like no one cares and is listening isn't the best place. This admission Olivia waited for four days until someone came to see her to talk about what was going on. FOUR days in a room waiting and for what? To be told she's safe to go home and they can't do anything more, taking a huge overdose within minutes of this on the ward still didn't change things for Olivia . This is not acceptable! I'm not going to stop until I get answers and things change. Our children need and deserve !

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