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Jeremy Hunt, Secretary of State for Health: Protect any more vulnerable patients with a learning disability from dying due to poor and unequal care.

I had two children with disabilities. Now I only have one.

My daughter Tina died aged just 23 because she wasn’t given the right treatment. She wasn’t given the right treatment because of her disability.

You expect all patients to receive the same care, compassion, dignity and respect. This isn't always the case when a person with a learning disability becomes ill.

It wasn’t the case for our Tina - she was failed repeatedly by those services that were meant to help her. She wasn’t given the treatment she needed, and even her basic needs were neglected.

My husband and I suffer every day with feelings of guilt, feeling that we let our daughter down when she needed us most.

But, we are not alone in this. As many as 1,200 other people with a learning disability are dying every year in England because they are not being given the correct treatment. Each of them leaves behind family and loved ones who have to come to terms with their loss. Try and imagine how that feels.

We really need your support to help us fight for the government to put in place strong actions to safeguard individuals with disabilities against discriminative practices that put their lives at risk.

Families need to know that, when their loved one becomes ill and needs treatment, they will receive the best treatment possible for their condition.

You can't imagine how fearful we are every time our other daughter becomes ill and she either has to visit a doctor or go to hospital.

I wasn’t able to save Tina, but I can still protect my other daughter. We just need your help.

You can hear more about our story by watching this video which was produced by the Guardian.

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