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NHS - For Britain

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Our NHS is under the greatest pressure it has ever been Longevity, an increasing birth-rate & foreign patients are all factors that can-not be ignored.

Lots of publicity & petitions on this problem ,most emphasis being on pumping more money into the system but I believe it is broken. It is not possible to fund the NHS in its present form without drastic remedial action, Some of this will be unpopular but may prevent its eventual decline.

I would suggest the following:

Buyout/Cancel existing PPI Schemes – Admit they were a mistake, Private companies are making vast sums from these contracts

Cancel all agency nurses – this temporary situation is adding to the problem in that regular NHS nurses are leaving the service for agencies because of the flexibility & increased wages they offer. Talk to the medical staff, Inform them agency work will no longer be available; this will make substantial savings which you are prepared to share 50/50 with the medical profession.

Privatisation of hospital services has been a failure,as evidenced by the collapse of Carillon. Undertakings to be given that this process will now cease with repatriation & control reverting back to the hospitals.Common sense rules are to be used to replace excessive EU ,HR ,P/C & H & S guidelines. 

The NHS can-not be an International Health Service and as such we need to control its users – In future all patients presenting at hospital ,to provide a UK passport, NI card, credit card & in the case of foreign born nationals now residing in the UK , a UK citizenship certificate will be required .

No Interpretation service will be provided by NHS. If considered necessary, translators to be provided & paid for by the patient.

All Nurses & Doctors  employed by NHS to be fluent in English .Both spoken & written & all previous qualifications to have been thoroughly checked and certified by a signed hospital manager who will be responsible for the employee.

As health tourism is a problem to the NHS all travellers to the UK will be required to provide evidence of comprehensive medical insurance and free from infectious diseases. These  proofs to be provided at the carrier’s point of departure & verified at UK customs control. Any non-compliant passengers are considered the responsibility of the carrier & returned to point of departure at carriers expense. On arrival at hospital or General Practitioner, this documentation should again be checked for future invoicing.

All GP’s Surgeries & Hospital receptions to be provided with credit card facilities with links to for receiving payments

Each hospital shall set up a repairs department – for too long, equipment both low and high cost have been scrapped/destroyed unnecessarily, Where specialist equipment is involved, a dedicated engineer will be employed by the hospital and trained by the manufacturer at the time of the initial order placement.

Close the VAT loophole which put the NHS at a huge disadvantage when bidding for Pharmacy services within hospitals. Since 2012 - 70% of pharmacy services put out to tender have gone to the private sector.

Ban A & E ambulance chasers from hospital premises & doctors surgeries..All "Personal Injury Lawyers" literature, brochures & monitor adverts to be removed. 

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