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Revise The 23/24wk Guidelines-Give More Premature Babies A Chance To Survive

We believe that every baby matters. A subject very close to many hearts.


After losing my baby girl Skye-Jordan back on 11th December 2009 I started to work from home on a voluntary basis with bereaved parents worldwide, it completely opened my eyes to how numerous parents namely mothers and their babies, were or are being treated during the care and aftercare regarding themselves and their baby after loss. Not only is it a parents worst nightmare to lose a baby but, to receive no information, very little support and lack of care is not good at all. This is negligence and against our babies human rights more should be done to help a premature baby survive and more aftercare should be offered if baby does not go on to survive to bereaved parents and their families.

Today we ask a few questions firstly, why is enough not being done to help premature babies survive? Premature babies have been known to survive from twenty weeks gestation onwards. Which now leads to my next question. Why would you leave a baby to survive in a parents arms leaving them to take their last breathes with no intervention from yourselves being midwifes or Doctors to help that child survive? And also, why have the 24 week premature guidelines not yet been, revised and reviewed? 

We as bereaved parents have also found that no matter where in the UK you reside each and every child if born breathing should be given every chance to survive yet, this is not the case. It is like a postcode lottery some they help some they don't. Some premature babies depending upon where you reside are helped and go on to survive, completing mainstream education with their GCSE's and with NO underlined health issues. No matter where in the UK you reside, when a baby is born before 24 weeks gestation and the child is born breathing, the child should be given as much help as the staff can give. Upon that the parents should have everything explained and discussed with the parent/s so they fully understand what the outcome could be.

Unfortunately this is not the case and alot of premature babies born breathing are being left in the arms of their parents to die, leaving the parents in complete shock. Each premature child should be treated as an individual.  Instead because one baby under 24 weeks won't go onto survive they think every baby born under 24wks will not survive but this is not the case. A lot more could and should be done to help the child and more should be explained to the parents at the time, including any care the individual may need, if the child may not survive, and the care, aftercare and support there will be in place. This should be explained until the parents of the child understand fully what is happening to their baby and if the child can or cannot be helped. If something can be done to help the child survive then all options should be kept open.

 It has been proven that babies go on to survive after being born prematurely before the 24 week guideline. We do understand that not all babies can be helped or will go on to survive but knowing the doctors and midwives did everything they could to help your baby at least would give parents peace of mind.. Some, Docotrs and midwives will turn their backs leaving you alone in a room with your premature baby until he/she dies explaining nothing. I know this through self experience. My baby girl survived 8 hours with no intervention from doctors or midwives whatsoever and to do this to parents is so wrong in so many ways and we, everyone that signs this petition would like the guidelines revised.


Every premature baby should be dealt with as an individual and not by one guideline going for all because by doing nothing or having no explanation what is going on and why they are not helping your baby is the most heartbreaking thing of all, never mind to experience child loss then to have no answers knowing your baby was born breathing is even more traumatising knowing he/she could of possibly been helped.


Stop turning your backs and allowing babies born breathing to die not having any chance of survival. It has a huge impact on a bereaved parents life to suffer the loss of their child, leaving them with no explanation as to why their baby was not helped. Just because there are guidlines in place if a child is born breathing why would you not help that child, life is SACRED.


Your Sincerely

James Ryan

Tina Reardon

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