Put a stop to sunbeds and help us save more people from skin cancer

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Put a stop to sunbeds and help us save more people from skin cancer

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SunSense UK started this petition to Jeremy Hunt

In a bid to help reduce the number of lives lost to skin cancer in the UK, we are challenging the government to ban sunbeds in the UK.

With the support of skin cancer survivor, actress and presenter Terri Dwyer, we are calling upon the UK government to follow in the footsteps of Australia, where commercial sunbeds (solariums) are now banned in every state, due to a direct link between sunbed use and melanoma.

We hope that the petition will receive the 100,000 signatures required for the topic to be discussed by Parliament and believe that the statistics alone should provide enough reason to introduce a ban on sunbeds in the UK:

● Skin cancer rates continue to soar in the UK, where almost 150,000 new cases are diagnosed each year

● The disease kills around 2,500 each year - that's almost seven people every day

● 86% of cases of skin cancer are thought to be avoidable

● Sunbed users have a 20% increased risk of developing skin cancer

● For those who use sunbeds before the age of 35, the risk is even greater, with an 87% higher risk

● It is estimated that treating these cancers will cost the NHS up to £465m a year by 2025 

SunSense is a leading household sunscreen brand in Australia, where regulations are amongst the most stringent in the world.

Since being introduced into the UK, we have found that one in three people here believe that it is safe to get a tan, as long as you don’t burn. That’s why we're keen to educate people about the dangers of using sunbeds and exposing their skin to UV radiation and hope that this petition will prompt the government to take sun safety more seriously.

For more information, please visit sunsense.co.uk

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This petition had 824 supporters

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