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Cervical Smear Testing is not often enough or started young, enough, we need change!

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Cervical Smear testing is not carried out often enough and also not young enough, every year would be much safer.

You might ask why should we feel this way, as a woman you don't want any additional, sometimes uncomfortable or embarrassing smear tests.

This is my story,

Recently after a routine smear appointment I had abnormal cell’s (CIN3, also relatively routine and not necessarily something to worry about), colposcopy/ and then loop electrosurgical excision procedure (LEEP). All seemed text book and nothing to worry about and although unpleasant never expected to hear anything more. I was on time for my screening, always had been and this was the first abnormalities that were picked up.

I got the news that I had Adenocarcinoma 1a1 (the earliest detection of cancer, so was very lucky). Twice now my consultant has stated that only six months would have made my positive cancer story a very complicated one, only six months!!!

Its very easy for three years to become three years six months…

Hectic life style
Pregnancy (some sources suggest that it may speed up the process of cancerous cells)
Moving House / Practitioners
Admin Error
Our Error (forgetful/ baby brain/ just dizzy brain!!!)

These tests should be annual! I was very, very lucky, not to mention sensible for been on time for my smear. But for many reasons thats not always possible! and at such a great risk.

The screening of only over 25s is already in dispute with “Ambers Law” which this petition also supports wholeheartedly (a number of under 25s have died of cervical cancer), Cancer is an awful disease and prevention is better than a cure, it is also more cost effective than cancer treatment.

We hope you support our campaign!


#motheroftwo #cervicalcancerawareness #SmearForSmear #preventationnotcure

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